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Factsheets for the MGTS Greystone fund range can be found below:


Quarterly Report

The quarterly commentary report for MGTS Greystone Fund of Fund range can be found below:

Fund prices

Prices are as of: 18/08/2017

Fund Name Income Accumulation R Income R Accumulation
MGTS Greystone Global Growth - 288.95 - 299.25
MGTS Greystone Balanced Managed 184.20 203.01 185.14 210.27
MGTS Greystone Cautious Managed 111.86 153.57 115.91 158.08
MGTS Greystone Conservative Managed - 120.91 - 123.40

Please note, from 31st December 2012, all new investments into the MGTS Greystone Funds are into the “R” share class. This has no initial charge and an Annual Management Charge of 0.75%. If you are unsure which share class you are invested in, please check with your adviser.


Funds Overview

The MGTS Greystone Conservative Managed Fund is a Lipper leader for capital preservation since launch. The fund is low risk multi-manager portfolio providing investors with quality Equity market exposures in conjunction to significant defensive, low risk characteristics. The investment team aim to minimise risk and maximise returns on the upside of markets.

The MGTS Greystone Cautious Managed Fund is a Lipper leader for total returns, consistent returns and capital preservation since launch. Furthermore the Cautious Managed Fund was a 2017 PAM (Private Asset Managers) Awards finalist for defensive portfolios in the investment performance category. The Fund is ideal for investors who seek to receive a strong income streams along with capital appreciation. The investment team have a target for 3.50% yield.

The MGTS Greystone Balanced Managed Fund is a Lipper leader for total returns and consistent returns since launch. The Balanced Managed Fund is our largest and most popular fund out of the fund selection. The investment team offer this fund to investors who are willing and able to take a medium level of risk to grow the real value of a portfolio.

The MGTS Greystone Global Growth Fund is a Lipper leader for capital preservation since launch. Furthermore, the Global Growth Fund was a 2017 and 2012 PAM Awards finalist in the high growth portfolios investment performance category. This Fund is designed for investors who are willing and able to take high levels of risk in order to achieve superior returns.


Fund Awards

Investment Week Fund Manager of the Year 2017 Awards


MGTS Greystone Cautious Managed is a finalist in the IA Mixed Investment 20-60% Shares Sector
– Investment Week Fund Manager of the Year Awards.

2017 Private Asset Managers (PAM) Awards


MGTS Greystone Cautious Managed was finalist for Investment Performance
– Defensive Portfolios section.
MGTS Greystone Global Growth was finalist for Investment Performance
– High Growth Portfolios section.


ACQ5 Global Awards 2017


Lipper Awards

Data compiled from Thomson Reuters Lipper for Investment Management as at 30.06.2017

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Important Information

The above information does not constitute a form of financial advice and should not be relied upon. This is provided for information only. At Greystone we seek to guide you with your investment strategies by assessing and continually checking the levels of investment risk you are willing and able to take, thus ensuring suitable investments are made on your behalf. Past, simulated past or future projected performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance and may not be repeated. Investment markets and conditions can change rapidly and as such any views expressed herein should not be relied upon when making investment decisions. Neither the payment of dividends or return of capital is implied or guaranteed. There is a risk of loss of capital. Rates of exchange may cause the value of investments to go up or down. The information and any opinions expressed herein may change at any time and therefore this document does not constitute investment, tax, legal or other advice or recommendation or an offer to sell or an invitation to apply for any product or service. Investors should consider carefully whether an investment in this fund or portfolio is suitable in light of circumstances and resources.


MGTS Greystone Funds

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Personal Injury

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